Akirakoki High-Precision Burr Handmill


Roast Levels

To have the best coffee, you really only need two things: fresh roast and a good grinder. And by “good” we mean a grinder that can pulverize beans into supremely uniform particles. When it comes to uniform size and ease of switching between cold-brew boulders and espresso dust, this mill delivers.

Akirakoki Professional High-Precision Handmill Coffee Grinder

This is the Swisswatch of hand powered coffee grinders. Used by professionals and very serious home brewers, the Akirakoki Professional Handmill, turns beans into beautifully even, consistent grinds with a few cranks of the shaft.

Highly portable, depending on your situation you can turn beans into coarse chunks for cold-brew, medium-size granules for a hotel Nespresso machine, or finely ground dust for your home espresso machine. Quickly switch between grind sizes with a ridiculously fine level of control with 48(!) size settings by simply twisting the center dial.

Built to last a life-time, the exterior features a rugged aluminium alloy body and an internal conical burr cutter crafted from high-grade Japanese stainless steel plated with titanium, because if you want the best, why not?



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