Wilson – Daily Blends

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Roast Levels

Our Wilson daily blend is a mix of full bodied coffee beans: Yunnan, Honduras and Ugandan beans. The result is a coffee with a touch of chocolate, nuts and cream perfect for drinking neat or mixing with foamy oat or cow milk.

The Daily Blends

It would be great if every single day I could wake up and savour the nuances of single origin and specialty coffees, but sometimes, if I’m being honest, they’re a bit much. Sometimes (like every Monday to Friday where I’m yelling at my kid to stop jumping on the bed or he’s going to miss the school bus, or those other days when going to the office is like going off to war and I know that there better be an extra happy happy-hour after work) you just want a damn coffee that isn’t crap.

Well this is our solution. Introducing BeanCurious’ sweet, nutty blends that are custom mixed by our master roaster to be your go-to-cup of goodness that won’t break the bank. These every day blends are smooth, full bodied coffees containing some of our most popular beans: Yunnan, Hondoras, Guatemala. Use them in your aeropress, espresso machine, office drip maker or wherever you find yourself. Blend the dark brew with milk, oats, soy, add a sinful touch of sugar if you like, or just drink it black, however you enjoy your coffee these workhorse coffee blends will start your day right.

And don’t worry, just because the price is neat we are still committed to supporting sustainability and paying fair prices for the beans. We’re just buying the off-auction beans from the same farms our single-origins come from. If you know wine, think of these as like a Bordeaux second wine, they’re not the choicest the supplier has to offer, but the 2nd tier of beans from top-quality suppliers.

Blend #1 - Wilson

Nuts / Cashew
Milk Chocolate

Inspired by the famous Hong Kong Trail of the same name, the Wilson is an exceptionally nutty, chocolatey blend from Yunnan, Honduras and Uganda.

Very low acidity, smooth and full-bodied.

No Roast Levels?

Blends are tricky beasts. Unlike single origin coffees, each bean in the blend is roasted to a unique level. This creates a very specific, very consistent flavour profile for the blend but it also means that “roasting it darker” just isn’t possible.

Resting Your Coffee

Right after roasting, coffee needs some time to chill for a minimum of three days. Our roasting cycle ensures that when you receive the beans, it’ll already have rested the minimum needed. However, the flavours will continue to improve over a time. How long? Well that depends on the roasting level you ordered.

Generally your coffee will be at it’s peak after:

Light: 7-9 days after roast date
Roaster’s Choice: 5-7 days after roast date
Dark: 3-5 days after roast date

But every bean and person is different so please experiment and find what works for you!

No Pre-Ground Beans?

Unfortunately no. We would love to make your experience as convenient as possible, and while grinding your own beans is firmly in the mildly to very annoying category, we simply can’t do this for you.

The reason being, the second you grind your beans, you expose every nook and cranny to delicious coffee’s nemesis: oxygen. Too much oxygen and your coffee can go stale before you receive it in the post.

As delicious tasting coffee is our most important product we can’t take the risk of sending you a convenient but bland ground beans. Our best advice would be for you to buy a grinder.