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Roasted how you like it.

Explore delicious coffee from small lot farms. Experiment with the roast levels of almost all our beans to find a roast just the way you want. 

Packed in sustainable,  plastic-free compostable bags.

Our Current Favorites



Floral & Zesty

Shop by Taste


Chocolate & Nutty

Medium to full bodied coffees with hazelnut and dark chocolate aftertastes.



Red fruit, wines, plum tastes in your cup. Lighter roasts = fruitier brews.



Roast these beans light and experience lemon zest and bright flavours.


Spicy / Earthy

Think pine, pepper, dirt and allspice in medium to dark roasts.



Roasted light, these beans will smell of wildflowers, jasmine and orange blossom.

Impacting the taste in your cup, not the environment.

To bring you the best brew with as little waste as possible we avoid the use of plastic in all of our products, even if it costs us more. Our bags are home compostable, meaning if they escape the landfill they’ll break down naturally into soil. We source our beans from small, independent producers. Our mailers are made of paper. We do our best to source accessories that are easily recycled or that breakdown into natural materials (such as pottery clay or wood).


Never Bitter.

The best coffee takes a bit of time. You start with fresh, carefully roasted beans. Grind them by hand, and brew, savoring the aroma. Finally share your creation with someone you love.
We can help you with the first bit.
Join the growing BeanCurious community of people who care too much about coffee. We’ll roast and send you the highest quality beans for you to experiment with. Develop an opinion on which countries you prefer. Taste flavors you didn’t know existed in coffee. Share with your friends. With us, your morning ritual’s never gonna stale.

Coffee of the Month


Daily Blend: The Wilson

Introducing BeanCurious’ first daily blend, The Wilson. Grocery-level pricing but packed with deep, chocolaty, nutty flavours. Perfect for daily drinking and as always, freshly roasted.

Coffee drip bag

Pour Over Coffee Packs

Choose nutty, chocolaty or fruity coffees. Can’t decide? Get a taster pack!

Your beans, your way.

All of our beans are available at three different roast levels: light, roaster’s choice and dark. Mix and match, discover the perfect bean at the perfect roast level for your kind of coffee.

Dark Roasts

Dark roasts bring out that familiar, “coffee taste” of caramel and chocolate. It also reduces the acidity in the beans, making the coffee taste full bodied and rounder.

Medium roast coffee

Medium Roasts

Medium roasts try to create a balance between the aromas and notes that make a coffee taste unique, while bringing out the nutty, chocolate flavours people love.

Light roast coffee

Light Roasts

Light roasts preserve the delicate aromas of the beans best. Some flavours, like jasmine, red fruit or zesty citrus are only detectable if you roast your beans light.

Award-winning, specialty coffees

Treat yourself to something special with our small-lot coffees, bought at auction from the Cup of Excellence and Operation Cherry Red projects.

Hands down the best coffee in Hong Kong.
Julien Breteau
A Happy Customer
The road to great coffee has never been easier.