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Hands down the best coffee in Hong Kong.
Julien Breteau
A Happy Subscriber

The Secret to a Perfect Cup

The secret to having the best coffee is to get freshly roasted beans, grind it with a burr and enjoy it with someone you love. We can help you with the first two.

Come join the growing BeanCurious community. We’ll send you freshly roasted coffees from around the world, a different one every two to four weeks so your morning coffee will never go stale.


Coffee delivered once or twice a month. In a wide range of quantities to suit your needs.‚Äč

Coffee for the Office

Larger quantities at discounted prices for companies that care about what their employees drink.

How does it work?

How do you like it?

Light, dark or “omakase style” and let our master roaster decide for you


Every week we’ll fire up the machine, roast, pack and ship your beans via S.F. Express or HK Post. The place of origin of our coffee changes every four weeks.


Welcome every Friday with a mailbox filled with the aroma of gourmet coffee.

Single Origin Whole Bean Coffees

Rare and fine coffee beans, roasted to order from around the world.

Along with our weekly subscriptions we also roast single orders from previously featured coffees. All of our coffees are sustainably sourced and imported as green beans. We keep our precious stock in a humidity controlled warehouse right here in Hong Kong until we receive your order. Our master roaster will carefully hand-roast each pack to your preferred roast level before shipping.

Ever since we started drinking your coffee, we can't stand any workplace coffee or ones from coffee shops. The freshly roasted coffee is just amazing!
Alice G.
A Happy Subscriber

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Pour Overs, Burr & Hand Grinders, and Gifts

We stock quality coffee accessories for everyone. From enthusiasts who are just getting into whole-bean coffee or seasoned pros looking to upgrade your tools our selection of equipment from Akirakoki can help upgrade your morning rituals.

Why not try some yourself?