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Hands down the best coffee in Hong Kong.
Julien Breteau
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The road to great coffee has never been easier.

Take it slow.

The best coffee takes a bit of time. Start with fresh, carefully roasted beans, grind by hand with a burr, brew, savoring the aroma and finally, enjoy with someone you love.

We can help you with the first three.

Come join the growing BeanCurious community. We’ll send you freshly roasted coffees from around the world, with a different coffee featured every four weeks. With us, your morning ritual will never go stale.

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Choose from our wide range of single-origin, whole bean coffees from Yunnan, Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, Sumatra and more.

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Treat yourself to something special with our small-lot coffees, bought at auction from the Cup of Excellence and Operation Cherry Red projects.

Brewing Accessories

No papers or capsules, just simple, well-made equipment for brewing that can be recycled when you no longer need them.

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Make your time at home a little bit more enjoyable.

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