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If you have a thing for Chocolaty coffees, then this is your bag.

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New in the Shop

Our Coffee Bean Collection - 2024

Our specialty coffee beans come from small lot producers from around the world. Roasted weekly and delivered for free everywhere in Hong Kong. 

Chocolately & Nutty for French Press, Pour Over and Espresso 

These beans make coffee that mix well with milk for a great lattes or cafe au lait.

Fruity & Floral for Drip and Pour Over

For those who like their coffees tea-like.

Spicy & Herbal Coffee Beans 

Strangely powerful notes of herbs, cinnamon and pine can be found in these ones.

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Freshly roasted coffee beans delivered to your home or office. We’ll send you a new coffee every 4 weeks. Just pick your quantity, roast level, and how often you want delivery and we’ll do the rest.

Too Tame?

The Curious Collection is for you.

Award-winning, auction-bought specialty coffee beans

Not your typical cup, these coffee beans are bold, wild, something new.

Drip bag coffee for coffee lovers on the go.

In addition to specialty coffee beans, we also sell drip bags. Roasted fresh, ground, and preserved using nitrogen injection it’s almost as good as grinding it yourself and infinitely better than capsules.

First time using one? Learn how to use a drip bag.

The BeanCurious Promise

We only offer high-scoring, high altitude coffee beans

We hand roast every week at our roastery in Hong Kong

Ethically sourced, packed with flavor, not plastic.

Good coffee beans + Kinu = Fantastic coffee.
Every time.

The Kinu line of grinders are the best in class hand mills that gives OCD-level coffee lovers precise, stepless control (coffee nerds know what this means), for perfect pour over and espresso.

The best coffee beans in Hong Kong?
Don't take our word for it.

Hands down the best coffee in Hong Kong.
Julien Breteau
A Happy Customer
The road to great coffee has never been easier.
BeanCurious:世界各地搜羅最優質的咖啡豆 由專業烘焙師用心烘焙
Where to get locally roasted coffee.

Take control of your coffee

Experiment with beans roasted at every level to fine-tune your cup, light, our choice or dark. The only way you’ll get more control is if you roast them yourself. 

New to coffee? Start with our guides to beans and brewing.

How to Brew It
Sean Okihiro

Tasting those flavors on the bag.

What the bag says: “Deep caramel flavours, with lingering notes of lemon peel and cashews” What you think: “This tastes like… coffee” Is there a

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Whole coffee beans in a glass jar.
How to Brew It
Sean Okihiro

Picking Beans for Pour Over Coffee

The antithesis of capsule coffee, pour-over is a process that demands your attention, rewarding you with coffee far more complex than drip or French Press. Once you have the technique down, don’t squander your skill with boring beans. Get out and experiment with single origin beans and get ready to taste some wild coffees.

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We also love cooking!

Our Japanese Donabe is a real workhorse, perfect for winter hotpots, stews, and slow-food Sundays.

It’s not coffee related but we LOVE this pot. Cooks anything, anywhere. Bake bread in your oven, heat up stews with gas, do hot-pot table side on an  induction stove. Plus its got that Japanese minimalist beauty.

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