Cascara Tea Packs

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Make your coffee obsession complete by making beverages from every part of the coffee cherry. Cascara is the dried outer fruit of coffee cherries. Just steep a pack in hot water and enjoy a sweet, refreshing afternoon drink not unlike hawthorn or prunes. There’s no caffeine in this fruit (that’s found in the bean) so just kick back and imbibe.

x3 packs set

Cascara Tea Packs

Sweet, hawthorn-like and aromatic, you’re not enjoying fruit tea but something comes with coffee – here we present to you coffee dried cherry skin – cascara.

Hand picked from small holders

Hand-picked cherries were carefully sorted, only fully ripe ones will then be pulped, the seed went on fermentation and skins were left. Previously farmers only used the pulped skins for fertilizer, now it becomes their another source of income.

Processed as carefully as the beans, the skins were sun dried with frequent rackings for 3 weeks in greenhouses in Shan State, Myanmar.

Hot Drink:
  • – Steeping 5-7 grams crushed cascara
  • – Sleep for a few minutes in 150ml hot water

You will be pleased with its sweet prune like aroma, followed with their subtle sweet, hawthorn alike flavor.

Cold Drink:
  • – 20g crushed cascara in 180ml of room temperature water after
  • – Putting in the fridge for a night (roughly 12 hours) is one of the best treat in hot wave.

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