Kinu M47 Pheonix – The Best Travel Coffee Grinder


Roast Levels

The Kinu M47 Pheonix is the travel grinder of the Kinu lineup. It’s much lighter than the Kinu Simplicity or Kinu Classic, yet still contains the same, precise internals to quickly grind some excellently fine espresso or course but uniform grinds for pour-over coffee.

Differences between the Kinu M47 Pheonix vs the Classic and Simplicity:

  1. 400g lighter than the Kinu Classic
  2. The hopper uses a food safe, ABS plastic instead of stainless steel
  3. The basin where the grounds are kept uses the same ABS plastic instead of stainless steel
  4. The internal cross bars are also ABS plastic, reducing the weight even further
  5. The Pheonix uses a rubber band on the exterior instead of the thumb stopper
  6. Instead of magnets holding the basin in, a silicone O-ring holds it in place with an air-tight fit

Take manic control over your travel brews

With the Kinu Pheonix you still have the same over-engineered burrs as the more expensive models with very precise, stepless control over your pour-over and espresso grind sizes. If you are ok with less metal, no thumb stopper and no magnets then you can have a grade A grinder that is even lighter in weight and easier on your wallet.

Here I talk through the differences between the Kinu Pheonix, Simplicity and Classic.

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