Kinu M47 Classic – The Best Manual Coffee Grinder


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The Kinu M47 Classic is an apex grinder, the one you’ll pass on to your grand kids to continue your coffee tradition. It’s a trophy that shows you take your coffee habit way too seriously.

The Kinu Classic is an over-engineered masterpiece of stainless steel that takes your freshly roasted, single origin, specialty coffee and precisely grinds it into uniform particles. With the right beans and these hardened steel conical burrs, the only obstacle to creating the perfect pour over coffee or espresso every morning is you.

  1. This thing just churns through coffee beans. It’s almost as fast as my electric grinder
  2. The stepless adjustment is extremely precise. You can dial in a perfect grind size for any coffee bean
  3. Ideal for excellent pour over coffee. Excellent espresso is possible but takes longer to grind.
  4. Hopper prevents beans from spilling out. A real pleasure to use.
  5. The magnetic bin is very strong and makes a satisfying “click” when attaching
  6. The thumb guard is genius and keeps your manual coffee grinder from slipping
  7. Very durable. Will be the last grinder you own

A Brief tour of the Kinu M47 Classic

The hopper is a pleasure to fill, with an extra-wide opening that prevents you from spilling beans everywhere.

This manual coffee grinder is stepless, meaning you can take your coffee OCD to new heights by fine-tuning your grind sizes at a precision of 1/100th of a mm. If you feel your pour-over brew is just slightly too heavy or doesn’t exhibit enough floral notes, just give the dial a fraction of a turn and set your own grind size.

Turning whole bean coffee into perfectly uniform particles is also effortless. The with each rotation, even the flabbiest of arms can split high-altitude hard coffee beans 50 times. The innovative thumb stopper prevents slippage, no rubber grip needed.

From top to bottom, Classic, Simplicity, Pheonix. The finishing on the classic is magical. This photo does not do it justice.

The coffee basin of the Kinu Classic is held in place by powerful of magnets, coming off and re-attaching with a satisfying click. No more dusting screw threads of coffee dust. Just pull, dump, and re-attach.

Just look at those beautiful magnets. But so, so heavy.

The only downside to the Kinu Classic is if your ambitions for the perfect coffee pour over requires travel. At a hefty 1.85 kilos, this is not a piece of equipment you want to be dragging around airports. For frequent fliers, we would recommend the Kinu Pheonix, which trades the heavy steel for lighter plastic parts without sacrificing quality.

In the video below, I talk through the differences between the Kinu M47 Pheonix, Kinu Simplicity and Kinu Classic.

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