430ml Pour Over Coffee Kettle by Kinto

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Roast Levels

A high-precision coffee kettle for coffee lovers who just want to make a single cup. Well balanced, the long goose-neck pourer gives you control over the flavours brought out of your favourite coffee beans.

Kinto Pour Over Coffee Kettle 430ml

The Kinto pour over kettle is designed to make coffee brewing a sensory experience. From the highly engineered spout’s shape, allowing for precise pour control and a comfortable handle that gives smooth pouring from start to finish.

This 430ml kettle is perfect for a quickly made daily cup of coffee. If you are considering making larger volumes of coffee we recommend a kettle with a lid to ensure your water stays hot.

End of life

This set comes packaged in recyclable cardboard with a small plastic bag to protect the black finish. When broken or no longer needed, please toss it in the recycling. Being made of aluminum, it’s infinitely recyclable.



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