FARO Pour Over Set, 230ml by Kinto Japan


Roast Levels

A compact all-in-one personal pour-over set from Kinto Japan. Enjoy quality coffee at your office without mess or clutter as the filter, mug and coaster/lid all stack on top of each other. The ceramic is double-layered, ensuring your coffee will stay hot.

FARO Coffee Dripper & Double Wall Cup, by Kinto

Stainless Steel Filter +
230ml Ceramic Cup

Compact and elegant coffeeware

The FARO series of coffee accessories by KINTO Japan, is designed to resemble a lighthouse standing on a cape. The sleekly designed set is made to stack neatly together for easy storage.

A stainless steel mesh filter is designed to filter coffee at a consistent speed while still allowing rich oils and aromas to fill your cup. The double walled cups keep your drink warm without letting your hand get hot.

How to use it

1. Warm the mug, brewer, and filter with hot water. Add 10g of medium ground coffee into the filter and shake gently to even out the surface.

2. Pour a small amount of hot water (approximately 20 ml) into the center of the coffee mound and let it bloom for 30 seconds. Then slowly pour more hot water (approximately 160 ml) up to the top line inside the filter.

3. When ready to drink, rest the filter cylinder on the lid/saucer and enjoy.

End of life

This set comes packaged in recyclable cardboard and a small plastic bag to protect the metal filter. When broken or no longer needed, the ceramics can be tossed without worry. Please recycle the steel filter as it’s infinitely recyclable.



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