Kinto, Carat Pour Over


Roast Levels

An all-in-one pour over coffee kit from Kinto, Japan. The stainless-steel filter yields a richer coffee than paper ones by allowing natural oils to pass through while producing less waste. The double-layered glass surrounding the filter will keep your coffee hot while filtering into the elegant serving carafe.

Kinto Carat Pour Over, 4 Cup Coffee Maker.

The elegant, conical design catches the morning light beautifully, elevating your morning routine. Functionally, the glass cone helps to preserve the temperature of the hot water as it percolates through your coffee grounds.

The stainless steel filter allows full, rich coffee oils and aromas through easier than paper filters. To clean, just wash it out with soap and dry.

When brewing we recommend you use a medium size grind. A paper filter or any other equipment is unnecessary, you can use the stainless steel filter to enjoy years of daily use.

End of life

This set comes packaged in recyclable cardboard and a small plastic bag to protect the metal filter. When broken or no longer needed, please recycle both the glass body and the steel filter as it’s infinitely recyclable.



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