Drip Bag Coffee

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Roast Levels

Nitrogen injected coffee drip bags give you a cup of that freshly roasted, freshly ground single origin brew for coffee lovers on the go. Say goodbye to capsules forever.

  • Kenya – Light zesty red fruits
  • El Salvador – Milk Chocolate Nuts
  • Guatemala – Full Dark Chocolate

Coffee for the office or people on the go

Drip bag coffee is perfect to enjoy the pour over coffee experience when you don’t have access to a grinder, scale or other comforts of home. All packs come with pre ground coffee and are preserved immediately after grinding with Nitrogen gas to keep it tasting fresh (the gas is food-safe and evaporates right after opening the pack). 

All you need is a cup and hot water. 

The Nitrogren gas used to preserve the coffee will keep for up to a year from the packaging date. 

Keep them in a cool, dark place. Heat, direct sunlight or large variations in temperature may damage the flavors.

If you want to know how to prepare a drip bag, read our guide below:

Better coffee without the grind.

How did we decide to get on the single-use pour-over trend? Well, let me tell you a story. I was invited to hike a trail with seven of my semi-fit friends called “Tiger’s Roar” out in Lantau. I was told it would be a casual 7km climb, and when we got to the peak we could make some drip bag coffee then hike back down. Easy-peasy.

Two hours and only 1.5km later we had clambered up dry creaks and rappelled across waterfalls by gripping onto exposed roots. We dodged cascading rocks the size of small dogs. We dragged our tired, broken bodies over jagged, loose boulders until we finally collapsed at the base of a shear cliff called “Hades Wall”.

I gazed at people climbing up the insane “trail” made of exposed rock going up what could only be a 40 degree, 200 meter ascent on their hands and knees. I saw kids half my age and twice as fit clinging to the rocks for dear life. Knowing that I would be going up that next I thought, “If I’m going to plummet to my death, I’m going to need a cup of coffee first.”

Fortunately we came prepared. Whipping out our tins, we boiled some water post-haste and poured the steaming hot liquid over our drip bag coffee wafting with aromas of dark chocolate and nuts. We slowly sipped our liquid respite while looking out over the shimmering Hong Kong coast.

I didn’t appreciate these pour-over bags when our roaster and the BeanCurious team first introduced them to me. They looked clumsy, wasteful and I assumed, not very tasty. 

But you know what? This coffee is pretty good. Excellent even when you have nothing but some ash-speckled water boiled in a camp fire, and a view from Lantau peak gazing out over the mountains. 

If you’re a skeptic like I was, give these a try next time you’re in the weeds and need a quick cup of something good.

And in case you are wondering, I didn’t end up dying on Hades wall but omg what a day.

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