Akirakoki Ceramic Burr Handmill


Roast Levels

A great little grinder that performs, doesn’t cost much and can be taken anywhere. Great for people who are starting on their coffee journey and wondering what all the “fresh ground coffee” fuss is about, or for those who want good coffee while travelling or camping.

Akirakoki Ceramic Whole Bean Coffee Handmill

A solid, entry-level portable handmill is designed in Japan and manufactured by Akirakoki, Taiwan. Built as a no-fuss but highly dependable coffee grinder. It’s small enough that you can easily stash it on your desk or a Hong Kong size kitchen drawer, but durable enough to last you years of daily brewing. The mill holds up to 20g of coffee beans; enough for two cups of coffee. You can adjust the grind-size by using a handy click-to adjust knob at the bottom of the mill (see close-up shot) which makes it easy to adjust sizes and get the perfect grind for your pour-over, French press or cold-brew. The burrs are not fine enough for Turkish or espresso brewing however, for that you’ll want the Pro Model.

Works best for cold-brews, drip, French-press, or pour-over where you want a larger grind size.



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