Where does your coffee come from?

Our awesome roaster hand-picks all of the coffee we send out. He is constantly on the search for new farms, new flavours and better sources for us to partner with. His discoveries are imported back to Hong Kong and then roasted in-house.

Is the coffee single-origin/organic etc.?

We aim to deliver to you the best range of coffees available. Depending on what we find, you can receive anything from a single origin, organic, micro-farmed coffee from Kenya to coffee blended from multiple Brazilian communes to a blend our roaster was experimenting with and found interesting. Regardless of what we send we always strive to keep the quality high.

Do you send the same coffee every month?

We send the same coffee for a period of four weeks before rotating the offering.

Will I receive premium coffee?

Yes. Because we are an online, subscription based service we have low overhead and no retail space rent. We also know exactly how much coffee we will use each month so there’s no spoilage/waste. As a result we pass these savings on to you. Some of our coffees retail for 180HKD per bag+

Can you send coffee for espresso / drip / french press etc?

Yes! Roaster’s Choice leans dark but is very versatile and will work for every brewing method out there. If you prefer a more smoky, chocolatey cup or pull espressos in your home setup then Dark Roast is your best bet. If you’re a purist and want to experience every aroma and nuance in your beans then Light is the way to go.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for anywhere in Hong Kong if you select HK Post at checkout!

If you have special requirements or prefer to receive the coffee via SF Express we can do that too. SF Express is free for orders of 500g of coffee or more.

For customers outside of Hong Kong there will be an additional international shipping charge added at checkout.

I'm out of town! I have too much coffee! Can i cancel/pause my shipment?

Sure thing. You can either login to your account and suspend your subscription yourself or if you’re out of town and want to re-start your subscription automatically on a specific date then email us.

Do you do refunds/exchanges?

No problem! If you don’t like a coffee or decide you don’t want a coffee accessory we sent to you just let us know why and return it to us. Once we receive the package we’ll refund you the full cost of the item.

How often do you roast & ship coffee?

We roast and ship our coffee every week on Wednesday.

The usual flow is all Subscribers will be billed Friday mornings. We usually receive a few requests/adjustments over the weekend. With all the orders confirmed we send out an email describing the coffee of the week and then start the roast.

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  1. Hi there, We’re a marketing agency that organize markets regularly, may I know if you would join market? We would like to invite you to a coffee & tea market. Kindly contact me by my email. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandy,

      What details are you looking for? Do you have questions on how our subscription works or do you want to know more about the coffee we are sending out? You can email me directly at sean@beancurious.com if you would like a faster response. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michal, Yes we can ship to the UK! Just emailed you about the details. We’re thinking of including this in our checkout process as we’ve surprisingly had quite a few interested people from the UK and the USA since we posted the M520-A and Super M520-A last week.

    1. Hi Leslie,

      The silver model is the Akira Super M520A, and the black one is the normal Akira M520A with the plastic bin. I didn’t realise they were different models until you asked! I’ll split them up. Let me know if you have other questions,

    1. Morning Fiona!

      Sorry but we don’t ship pre-ground coffee beans at this time as the quality of the coffee goes down very quickly after grinding. We do sell small, single serving grinders if you prefer!

  2. Hi, I just want to know where would your coffee be delivered to if I choose HK post as my delivery method? What’s the difference between HK post and home delivery?

    1. We do not carry decaf at the moment. Not sure where you can get fresh-roast decaf in Hong Kong, sorry we can’t help!

  3. How can I check whether the order has been dispatched? I haven’t received the email confirmation but the order was placed quite some time ago. Thanks,

  4. Hi, what’s the different btw 400 grams every 4 weeks and 200grams every 2 weeks?
    will there be 2 different kinds of beans on the every 2 week rotation?

    1. Hi Jasper! Honestly there’s no difference, the 400g every 4 weeks is the exact same coffee as 200g every 2 weeks. 200g every 2 weeks just means your coffee supply is fresher, but some people prefer to get everything in one go which is why we offer 400g/4 weeks.

  5. Hello, i hv got a few questions about my subscription.
    When will you send the beans after roasting? How long it normally takes (Mailing address = HK)?
    Will you send me 2 bags of 200g beans once a month for “200g for every 2 weeks”?

    1. Hello! We send the beans on the day of, or the day after the roast depending on when we finish. If you want your coffee sent via HK Post then it usually takes 1~2 business days to reach you depending on where you are. So when we ship out the coffee on Wed, you should receive it by Thurs or Friday.

      Since months vary in length we send out coffee on a every-other-week schedule, but generally yes, you will receive 2 bags of 200g beans every “month” (i.e. a total of 400g for every 4 week period).

    1. Hi! Just checked and we sent the coffee via HK Post by accident instead of SF Express. Our mistake, going to roast and ship you a replacement today! Thanks for your patience.

  6. I am not sure what coffee bean of current cycle when placing order, or i am not familiar with your website , with a bit confusion.
    Appreciate your generous offer for free sample ,thank you.

  7. Do you sell coffee specifically for filter? We have a mocchamaster and only like to use filter beans vs. espresso beans. Thank you.

    1. Hi Navishka! We sell whole bean coffee, roasted to the level you want. We also use a mocchamaster and find that our normal roast beans (i.e. the roulette subscription) works great with filter coffee. If you have any other questions feel free to write me at hey@beancurious.com. Thanks!

    1. Hi Anthony! Sorry didn’t get back to you sooner. Sure thing the last six months were:

      1. Nicaragua, JavaNica “Cup of Excellence”
      2. West Java, Sunda Arumanis
      3. Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe
      4. Brazil, Sul Di Minas
      5. Colombia, Esmerelda
      6. Kenya AA

      Hope that helps! If you have other questions let us know.

    1. Hi Daisy!

      Yes we also do a light roast, and a roulette which is whatever roast level our roaster thinks is best for the bean of the month. You can select what you want at checkout. Does that answer your question? Let us know!

  8. I have been trying to make an order for several days but have gotten an error message every time. My emails asking for help have been ignored. I would appreciate some help. I’m trying to make a purchase as a gift and am running out of time so if I can’t get this working I’ll need to look somewhere else.

    1. Hi Aoife,

      Sorry for the inconvenience, we just responded to your email. We’re working on a solution to the payment gateway, should be fixed by now. I’ll include you on the roast list and will be happy to send out your gift now so your girlfriend can receive it before Christmas. Please email us the name and address at hey@beancurious.com and we’ll ship it with the next roast while we fix the system. Thanks,


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