The Curious One : A Coffee Grinder


Roast Levels

A tough, entry level burr coffee grinder. Good for getting into brewing coffee at home using pour-over or French Press methods.

Your coffee journey starts here.

The Curious One is an introductory coffee grinder that will help you dive deeper into specialty coffee. It’s a grinder that is best for French-press, pour-over or cold-brew style coffees. I wouldn’t use it for anything that needs fine, precise grinds like espresso, Turkish or Mokka. For that you will need a serious, stepless grinder.

How to setup your coffee grinder

Unscrew the bottom of the grinder. Inside is a circular disk with numbers showing the grind settings.

  1. 1. Rotate right, toward the fine setting until it stops
  2. 2. Rotate back left, toward coarse, until you hit 1
  3. 3. Your grinder is calibrated
Grind sizes from left to right: 4, 8, 12

Brew ratios

For the best results, I would recommend a kitchen scale. The brewing method outlined below is based on the fantastic James Hoffman V60 method and brew ratios.

  • 1. Start with 15g of coffee for every 250ml of boiling water
  • 2. Grind your beans and add it to your brewer
  • 3. For pour-over or french-press, add 50mm of hot water and let your coffee “bloom” (if your coffee is fresh you’ll see bubbles form)
  • 4. Gently pour in the rest of your 200ml of hot water
  • 5. Taste the coffee, refer to our “Dialing it in” guide below to fine-tune your brew

Dialing it in

The coffee is not very good

Too bitter or too strong
Use a coarser grind size and use more water

Very sour
Use a finer grind size and use less water

Watery / thin tasting
Use a finer grind and use more coffee

The coffee is good but could be better

The coffee is very rich / thick / heavy
<- Go left one or two clicks coarser 
Keep the water to coffee ratio where it is

The coffee is too delicate / nuanced
-> Go right one or two clicks finer 
Keep the water to coffee ratio where it is

Grinder care

Your grinder does not need to be washed or cleaned. 

If you think that’s gross, that’s OK! Clean your grinder by gently tapping it on the side or buy a (new!) paint brush and dust your grinder with it. Do NOT wash it. You’ll remove the grease that keeps the movements smooth. 

Do NOT store ground coffee inside the grinder. Air will quickly make your coffee bitter and sour.

To put your grinder back together you can follow our video.

How to re-assemble your grinder after cleaning.

End of Life

The Curious One comes in recyclable packaging. The grinder itself is made of wood and easy to recycle aluminum and stainless steel. If you manage to wear the burrs out or damage the grinder such that it is no longer useable you can toss it into your metal recycling bin.


Your Curious One grinder comes with a 5 year warranty in Hong Kong. Just send us your old grinder with a note on what is wrong with it and we will either replace the broken part or the entire unit.