LUCE Cold Brew Coffee Carafe


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Enjoy chilled coffee over the hot summer with the LUCE Cold Brew Coffee Carafe from Kinto. It’s so elegant that it’s a shame to hide in the fridge.

Cool down this summer while still enjoying the brew with the Luce cold brew. When the drink is finished, you’ll appreciate that the filter can be completely disassembled, cleaned and dried easily. No mold, no fuss.


Ok we used to advocate for the traditional “pour a whole bag of coffee in there and let it steep overnight” but after lots of taste tests we’ve decided this is a waste of coffee. The best method is to heat you coffee hot and let it cool down. Or brew your HOT coffee extra strong and fill that filter full of ice to pour it through and chill it aka the Japanese pour-over method. 
  • Measure out 60 g of coarse, ground coffee into the Luce filter
  • Add 500ml of hot 90C water 
  • Let steep 4 min
  • Pull out the filter basket and add 500g of ice
  • Pour and enjoy. Stuff the leftovers in the fridge for tomorrow.
When you’re done remember to wash the filter with soap to remove the coffee oils otherwise next time your filter may get clogged. 


I like greener teas for cold brewing but feel free to experiment with your own setup. The teas I use at home are oolong, green or white tea leaves.
  • 1000ml cold, filtered water
  • Add 5-10g of tea
  • wait 8 hours
In the morning pull out the filter, disassemble and rinse. Enjoy the tea! If you like mix in lemon, liquid sugar, fruits, mint or whatever else you have lying around. If you finish the whole liter within a week don’t worry about your tea going bad even if you add low acidity fruits like peaches, the cold fridge will keep your tea well preserved.


Let your imagination go wild. Add lemongrass, lemon peel, orange slices, apple, mint, dried coffee cherries, a touch of bitter melon, whatever you like (try not to add seeds or the white pith in lemons, lime, oranges though or your water will be very bitter). Once infused you can pour your elixir into a carbonator like soda stream and enjoy your very own zero calorie soda.

  • Cut up or crush a mix of herbs and fruits
  • Fill up cold water to the top
  • Wait 8 hours


The Carafe is made of heat-resistant glass 
Hot or cold water is fine up to 120℃
Microwave safe and dishwasher safe

  • Dry the filter thoroughly after each use or it may rust
  • Do not use over direct fire or your carafe will shatter
  • Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool or you will scratch the glass.
  • Do not pour boiling water into a cold carafe or it may shatter


Stainless steel , Silicone [Inner lid, Filter] Polypropylene, Polyethylene terephthalate


This product comes in a recyclable cardboard box and a plastic bag to protect the filter. When it is time to throw your carafe away you can recycle the body and metal top, but please throw away the silicone first.