Kinto Kronos Double-walled, Insulating Tea Cup – 200ml


Roast Levels

An elegant, double-layered glassware from Kinto Japan that keeps your drinks hot in the winter and cold in the summer. A simple ridge along the bottom makes the glass easy to pickup and wash.

Kinto Kronos Glassware

These modern double-walled glasses will keep your drink hot (or cool) in your hands longer than your average ceramic mug. The glass ring around the outside of the glass makes it easy to hold and sip.

Note: If you have a dishwashing machine:

1) Do not use these glasses in your washing machine. Water will get into the tiny hole at the bottom, causing stains and your glass may break.

2) How do you have space for that?!

This is what happened to one of our friends after washing the glass in a machine several times. It cracked and there’s water on the inside.

End of life

This item comes packaged in recyclable cardboard. When broken or no longer needed, the glass can be recycled as it’s infinitely recyclable.


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