Until Next Year! The 12 Beans of Christmas Advent Calendar


Roast Levels

Each box contains

  1. 6 x 60g of every bean in the Curious Collection
  2. 1 x 60g of Our annual Christmas blend
  3. 5 x 60g of premium, single origin coffees from Nicaragua, Honduras, Djimmah, Guatemala, and Colombia

Limited to 100 pieces.

Inside the 12 Beans of Christmas Advent Calendar  you will find our entire selection of the best coffees we have to offer – The Curious Collection, plus an additional 5 premium single origin coffees and our annual Christmas Blend.

This is the perfect gift to for those who love exploring the world of coffee. From comfort tastes like chocolate and nuts to some really out-there flavours. Be prepared for coffee beans that smell of tamarind and dark chocolate, strawberries and earl grey, stewed apple and hazelnuts as well as lemons, spices and everything nice.

The 12 Beans of Christmas

Like an Advent Calendar, the contents of each pack is (mostly) hidden, so you can write down your tasting notes, take a guess at which bean is which and then discover the results at the end!

Also included are some brewing recommendations for each pack.