Coffee Advent Calendar – The 6 Beans of Xmas


Each box contains

  1. 6 coffees from the Curious Collection
  2. 60g per pack (enough for  3 shots of espresso or 3 cups pour-over)
  3. Whole beans, freshly roasted in HK

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By popular request, we have put together our entire line of Curious Collection coffees into an advent-calendar style box. Inside you will find 6 of the most premium coffee beans BeanCurious has to offer, including one never before released (and never will be released) coffee from Los Bucaros, Nicaragua.

If you or someone you know loves to explore coffee beans with some really out-there tastes, this is the box. Be prepared for coffee beans that contain flavors of tamarind and dark chocolate, strawberries and earl grey, stewed apple and hazelnuts as well as lemons, chocolate, spices and everything nice.

Countdown to the holidays with the 6 Beans of Christmas


      • #808 – Never released – Los Bucaros, Nicaragua

      • #807 Guji 2002 Wine Barrel Fermented Microlot

      • #806 El Cipres, El Salvador

      • #805 El Pitarillo, Honduras

      • #803 Buff Coffee, Taste of Rwanda

      • #802 Operation Cherry Red, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

    #808 Los Bucaros, Nicaragua is a “washed coffee from Nueva Segovia”, which according to our roaster, has notes of, “Apple, coconut milk, and loads of hazelnuts and cacao”, perfect to get you in the Christmas mood. 

    Like an Advent Calendar, the contents of each pack is (mostly) hidden, so you can write down your tasting notes, take a guess at which bean is which and then discover the results at the end!

    Also included are some brewing recommendations for each pack. Pre-orders start today, first shipment will be on November 30th.

    Limited to 100 pieces.

    Additional information

    Weight 350 g


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