The BeanCurious Coffee Advent Calendar


Roast Levels

Each box contains

  1. 1 x 60g of Our annual Christmas blend
  2. 3 x 60g of premium, single origin coffees
  3. 6 x Coffee Drip bags

Limited to 100 pieces.


If you or someone you know would love to explore the world of coffee, this is the perfect gift. Inside are a range of premium, single origin beans, roasted here in Hong Kong. Inside are chocolatey beans, nutty beans, fruity beans, and three travel packs to take out on the road.  


What’s Inside


Like an Advent Calendar, the contents of each pack is (mostly) hidden, so you can write down your tasting notes, take a guess at which bean is which and then discover the results at the end!

Also included are some brewing recommendations for each pack.