Baum Neu Coffee Storage Containers from Kinto Japan


Roast Levels

Keep your coffee, nuts, dried fruits and other staples dry and safe in these elegant containers. Featuring solid wood, airtight covers that neatly stack on top of each other. The perfect solution for small Hong Kong countertops.

Kinto Baum Neu Air-tight Container

Store your coffee beautifully in these glass and natural wood jars. The silicone seal keeps the air out, protecting your beans from oxidation. If you drink your beans relatively quickly (within two weeks) then this is an ideal way to showoff your beans.

For longer-term storage you’ll want a vacuum seal and protection from sunlight.

Also works well for dry-goods storage (pasta, beans, cereal, nuts, etc.)

End of life

This set comes packaged in recyclable cardboard. When broken or no longer needed, please recycle the glass body as it’s infinitely recyclable. The wooden top will also naturally degrade but the silicone stopper can’t be recycled and needs to be incinerated.

450ml Specs

800ml Specs


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