#6 Thailand, Pangkhon Village

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Thailand, Pangkhon Village

Single Origin, Microlot

Black Tea, Orange Zest and Nuts
Cover Image : Tai-O Village, photo courtesy of Peter Chan

Once a haven for Opium production, the mountain village of Pangkhon in Thailand’s northernmost province has been transformed into a tourist destination that is famous for fruits, nuts and natural forests. Nourised by the Mekong and Said rivers, Chiang Rai has a diverse natural ecosystem, ideal for coffee farming. Thai caretakers have slowly been learning and improving their techniques for coffee cultivation and processing to the point where international connoisseurs looking for something different have taken note. We hope that this month’s coffee ignites your curiosity for this newly emerging region.

This coffee is brought to you by our friends at Brew-Da! Yes we are giving our roaster a well-deserved break this month. Brew-Da specialises in Vietnamese and Thai specialty coffee and we hope you enjoy this collaboration. If you like this coffee you can check out their selection of other beans at their website: brew-da.com.


  • Roaster’s Choice – Our most popular option, for this coffee we lean toward the a full-city roast to bring out more of the nuts while preserving the orange notes.
  • Light – You’ll smell more pronounced orange zest and black tea at this level.
  • Dark to Espresso – Yields the orange peel notes dry up yielding to a stronger dark tea and nut flavour.

No pre-Ground beans?

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