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Next roast with delivery the following Friday.

We roasted too much

Sometimes we roast too much coffee. The coffees above are almost-as-fresh. We roasted these beans on Aug 9th, so they are peaking now and will be tasting at their prime until September.


It takes two days for HK post to deliver a coffee. That means if you order Monday night, we will ship it out on Tuesday, and you will get it Thursday/Friday-ish. 

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Again if you order Monday, we’ll ship on Tuesday and you’ll have it by Wednesday afternoon.

Resting Your Coffee

Right after roasting, coffee needs some time to chill for a minimum of three days. Our roasting cycle ensures that when you receive the beans, it’ll already have rested the minimum needed. However, the flavours will continue to improve over a time. How long? Well that depends on the roasting level you ordered.

Generally your coffee will be at it’s peak after:

Light: 7-9 days after roast date
Roaster’s Choice: 5-7 days after roast date
Dark: 3-5 days after roast date

But every bean and person is different so please experiment and find what works for you!

No Pre-Ground Beans?

Unfortunately no. We would love to make your experience as convenient as possible, and while grinding your own beans is firmly in the mildly to very annoying category, we simply can’t do this for you.

The reason being, the second you grind your beans, you expose every nook and cranny to delicious coffee’s nemesis: oxygen. Too much oxygen and your coffee can go stale before you receive it in the post.

As delicious tasting coffee is our most important product we can’t take the risk of sending you a convenient but bland ground beans. Our best advice would be for you to buy a grinder.

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#24 Papua New Guinea A/X, #17 Sumatra Mandelheng, #4 Ethiopa Yirgacheffe G2, #23 Mexican Chipas, The Wilson Blend, #10 Yunnan Pu'er, #20 Colombia Cauca Supremo, #18 Finca Las Mercedes Honduras, #11 El Salvadore Pacamara, #16 Huehuetenango, #19 Guatemala, Antigua, #25 Tanzania Kilimanjaro, #7 Colombia Direct Trade

Roast Level

Roaster's Choice, Dark, Light


100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g


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