Oops! Rosted too much – #12 Llach Cafe

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We roasted too much coffee last week. Help us drink it! Roast date was Feb 3 so if you order now it’ll still be tasty through second week of March.

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This is the exact same Llach Cafe found on our site. Take advantage of our mistake and enjoy!

You can read the flavour profile here below:

Llach Cafe

Light Roast

Acidity / Citrus

We don’t roast these blends light as they work best at darker levels. For light roasts we recommend our normal subscription.

Roaster's Choice

Acidity / Citrus

Our most popular option. Our master roaster will adjust the roast level to preserve the best notes of the coffee while trying to reduce the acidity. 

We keep the roast from Medium to Dark range.

Dark Roast

Acidity / Citrus

The Dark (full city to full city+) is for those who like their coffee more nutty, dark chocolate and toasted. If you have an espresso machine, pick this option.


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