Kinu Simplicity Manual Coffee Grinder

Kinu Simplicity Manual Coffee Grinder


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Inside the Kinu Simplicity lies the same, precise burr grinder as the Kinu Classic. It also has the same innovative thumb stopper and the easy to fill, top loading hopper. It’s also lighter, weighing in at 1.65kg, about 200g lighter than the classic. So what’s the difference between them?

  1. The hopper uses a food safe, ABS plastic instead of stainless steel
  2. The basin where the grounds are kept uses the same ABS plastic instead of stainless steel
  3. Instead of magnets holding the basin in, a silicone O-ring holds it in place with an air-tight fit

Take manic control over your pour-over coffee

With the Kinu Simplicity you get the same over-engineered masterpiece as the more expensive Classic with which you can have manic control over your pour-over and espresso grind sizes. If you are ok with less metal, and no magnets then you can have grinder that is lighter in weight and on your wallet. With the extra $400 HKD you save you can spend it on some high-caliber single origin coffee beans.

Here I talk through the differences between the Kinu Pheonix, Simplicity and Classic.

Want to see an honest review of the Kinu Classic?

James Hoffman – The Ultimate Hand Grinder Showdown (Kinu Review) (Summary)

Additional information

Weight 1850 g
Dimensions 25.5 × 19 × 12.5 mm

High-end, stainless-steel single dose manual coffee grinder.
Unique Morse cone principle full metal construction, resulting in the auto-centering of the burrs
Thumb stopper for easy handling.
Micrometrical, step-less reproductible and easy grinding adjustment with up to 50 divisions per revolution.
Stainless-steel, 11 magnets catch-cup and beans funnel.
47mm professional grade conical burrs for fast grinding, Black-Fusion treated.
Ball-bearing movement throughout
All plastic parts made of Food-Safe ABS.
EVA Travel Hard Case included.


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