#8 Ethiopia, Djimmah

Photo: Wild Cow, Lead Mine Pass

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Ethiopia, Djimmah

Single Origin

Dark Chocolate, Earth, Pepper
Cover Image : Wild Cows, Lead Mine Pass, shot by BeanCurious.
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In the homeland of coffee, hidden among the trees in the Kaffa region of Ethiopa, coffee plants grow wild and free. These coffee plants are thought to be the closest in flavour to the original coffee beans first discovered, according to popular legend anyway, by goat herders in the region. There is a wide range of coffee varietals that grow in this forest and although they are carefully tended to, the farmers don’t really focus on a single varietal. This blend doesn’t mean any loss of quality however, the farmers just harvest the best, ripest beans from the tops of these old, mature coffee trees and the result is a much stronger taste of the bean’s origin rather than any differences in the varietal itself. These beans are then sorted by size and wet-processing is used to preserve their character.

Typical flavours from this coffee are rich and earthy with low acidity and a not-so-subtle chocolate aftertaste. To help enhance the chocolate notes and make a richer coffee we toast the beans a bit longer and darker for our roaster’s-choice. .


  • Roaster’s Choice – Our most popular option, for this coffee we lean toward the darker side of roasting to bring out more of the dark chocolate.
  • Light – You get more earth, walnuts and smooth chocolate aftertaste here when roasted lighter.
  • Dark to Espresso – Yields a very Turkish-style coffee, full of dark chocolate and earth notes. There is almost no acidity left after roasting so you’ll get a very thick, full bodied coffee here.

No pre-Ground beans?

All of our coffees come whole bean. We know it’s inconvenient but once ground, coffee sheds its flavour fast. If you care enough about coffee to get freshly roasted beans, then you owe yourself a good burr grinder.

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Weight 200 g

Roaster's Choice, Light, Dark/Espresso


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