#7 Colombia, Direct Trade


We enjoy your coffee everyday now! It makes my house smell so good every morning.

– Florence N.

Purchase one or two 200g bags of this month’s coffee. It will be freshly roasted and sent along with our subscription orders so you can be sure to have the freshest coffee possible. No subscription necessary.


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Colombia, Direct Trade

Single Origin, Microlot

Soft, Creamy Caramel with a Sweet Cherry Finish
Cover Image : Tile Street-Art, Tsim Sha Tsui, shot by BeanCurious.

Colombian coffee is renowned for it’s smooth, sweetly voluptuous character. We’ve sent a few different batches of coffee from Colombia in the past but this one is the first that we’ve purchased directly from a small farm whom we met at a recent trade show. The idea is that farmer gets a higher margin from us, and in return we motivate him to provide us with higher quality coffee for you to enjoy. All of which adds up to a much sweeter cup for everyone.


  • Roaster’s Choice – Our most popular option, for this coffee we lean toward the a full-city roast to bring out more of the caramel but preserve the cherry notes in the finish.
  • Light – You get more pronounced cherries, and bit of nut here and but still very little acidity when roasted lighter.
  • Dark to Espresso – Yields more caramel and a very round body for your espressos. Goes well when layered with a foamy milk top.

No pre-Ground beans?

All of our coffees come whole bean. We know it’s inconvenient but once ground, coffee sheds its flavour fast. If you care enough about coffee to get freshly roasted beans, then you owe yourself a good burr grinder.

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Weight 200 g

Roaster's Choice, Light, Dark/Espresso


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