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#22 Indonesia, Sulawesi
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#22 Indonesia, Sulawesi

$88$320 or subscribe and save 5%

Sweet chocolaty and cinnamon/cardamom spice.


Next roast with delivery the following Friday.

Indonesia, Sulawesi

Flavour Profile

Sweet, Chocolate, Spice

Unlike other the other Sumatran coffee we have (#3 Gayo Mountains and #17 Mandlheng), Sulawesi is much cleaner, sweeter, and somehow more pronounced. It has a thick body with pleasantly smooth cinnamon/cardamom spices in the finish. The darker we roast it the more chocolate character and the smoother the coffee becomes. However what you gain in chocolaty goodness loses some of the signature spice flavours that make this coffee so special. 

Works very well with French Press and other infusion methods. Makes for a mean espresso.

Roast Levels

Light Roast

Red Berries

Very clean, sweet cup with clear berry and spice notes.

Roaster's Choice

Red Berries
Dark Chocolate

Very smooth and rich, with dark chocolate taking center stage and cinnamon finish. A touch of berry sweetness can still be found around the edges.

Dark Roast

Red Berries
Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate sweetness dominates with notes of spice in the finish.

No pre-Ground beans?

All of our coffees come whole bean. We know it’s inconvenient but once ground, coffee sheds its flavour fast. If you care enough about coffee to get freshly roasted beans, then you owe yourself a good burr grinder.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

Roaster's Choice, Light, Dark/Espresso


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