#18 Honduras, Finca Las Mercedes
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#18 Honduras, Finca Las Mercedes

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Smooth, full-bodied with chocolate notes when roasted dark and a hint of lemon zest in the finish.

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Honduras, Finca Las Mercedes

Flavour Profile

A Classic Coffee: Smooth, Nutty, Dark Chocolate and Lemon Zest Finish.

Honduras is a curiosity in the coffee world. The country showcases a wide diversity of flavours, techniques and varietals that are breath-taking in scope and make pinning down a regional style impossible. The shear number of styles makes Honduran coffee a darling among coffee professionals however as there are always new farms, flavours and techniques to discover. It’s best to approach Honduran coffee with an open mind. If you don’t like one, don’t write off the country; just switch regions and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

This coffee is produced by Finca Las Mercedes: a cooperative found high up in the Mercedes Ocotepeque hills. These are top-quality beans, ranked highest on the Honduran quality scale: “Strictly High Growth” meaning they were farmed at an altitude of 1,200 to 1,800 meters. Carefully hand-picked and then processed as lightly as possible by removing the fruit and parchment and fully washing the beans before drying. The result is a pure expression of the local terroir. In darker roasts you can expect exceptional smoothness, a full body, and chocolate notes with a hint of lemon peel in the finish. Light roast drinkers will enjoy a similarly smooth taste and lively fruit. Ocotepeque is a hard-working style that is well suited for all brewing styles.

Roast Levels

Light Roast

Lively Lemon Zest
Nuts, Caramel

Lively fruit and cashew nuts. Rich with long lemon zest aftertaste.

Roaster's Choice

Lemon Peel
Nuts, Dark Chocolate

Nuts and dark chocolate notes dominate over a very smooth, full-bodied brew. Hints of lemon peel in the finish.

Dark Roast

Preserved Lemon
Dark Chocolate

Very smooth and full-bodied. The chocolate lingers before fading to a hint of preserved lemon finish. Classic Espresso.

No pre-Ground beans?

All of our coffees come whole bean. We know it’s inconvenient but once ground, coffee sheds its flavour fast. If you care enough about coffee to get freshly roasted beans, then you owe yourself a good burr grinder.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

Roaster's Choice, Light, Dark/Espresso


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