#17 Sumatra, Mandlehing
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#17 Sumatra, Mandlehing

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Peppery Spice · Pine Forest Notes


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Sumantra, Mandelhing

Flavour Profile

Dark Chocolate, Pepper and ... a hint of Pine Needles?

If you like your roasts dark, this bean is for you. Mandelhing (a people, not a place) live in a highly humid environment, making it all but impossible to dry coffee cherries thoroughly. As a result, when Mandelhing beans are hulled they still have a massive 50% moisture content as opposed to the standard 10~15%.  Because of the high-levels of moisture, Mandelhing coffees are very challenging to roast and the shelf-life is short. But this unique process called Giling Basah creates a coffee with flavor quite unlike anything else. 

Mandelhing beans coat your senses in a thick layer of spicy black pepper, deep pine forest aromas, sweet chocolate and a lingering liquorice aftertaste. Mandelhing’s heavy character doesn’t diminish with milk, cream, or oat so feel free to pull a shot and make a rather charismatic cappuccino.

Roasted light yields an interesting combination of blueberries, sugarcane, grass and dirt. Our roaster loves it but it’s an…. acquired taste? For the brave.

Roast Levels

Light Roast

Blueberry, Grass
Earthy Sugarcane

Earthy sugarcane and a very subtle blueberry finish.

Roaster's Choice

Spice / Pine

Earthy, spice and everything nice with very very low acidity. Reminds us of Xmas.

Dark Roast

Spice / Pine
Chocolate / Earth

This coffee has a body that will make you blush. Voluptuous, spicy, with a kick.

No Pre-Ground Beans?

Unfortunately no. We would love to make your experience as convenient as possible, and while grinding your own beans is firmly in the mildly to very annoying category, we simply can’t do this for you.

The reason being, the second you grind your beans, you expose every nook and cranny to delicious coffee’s nemesis: oxygen. Too much oxygen and your coffee can go stale before you receive it in the post.

As delicious tasting coffee is our most important product we can’t take the risk of sending you a convenient but bland ground beans. Our best advice would be for you to buy a grinder.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

Roaster's Choice, Light, Dark/Espresso


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