#13 El Borbollon Estate, El Salvador
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#13 El Borbollon Estate, El Salvador


Apple, almonds, hazelnut with a hint of citrus in the lighter notes.
Single Origin



El Borbollon Estate

Flavour Profile

Topical Fruit, Bananas, Caramel

  • El Borbollon Estate, El Salvador
  • Semi-washed
  • Bourbon
  • 1,600 Meters
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Producer’s Website: El Borbollon Estate

This coffee comes from the El Borbollon Estate Mill in El Salvador, but calling this company a “mill” is a disservice. El Borbollon is run by true coffee artisans that have partnered up with some of the best coffee farms from around the country. Their dedication to the craft is remarkable, deploying techniques to improve the taste of the coffee even at the expense of profits. This can be seen in the care El Borbollon takes in their processing. When freshly picked berries come in, where other farms might be tempted to rush the drying process to get to market faster, El Borbollon actually slows it down. They discovered that if you really take your time and dry the beans in only the morning sun, rotating them every hour for nine days, you bring out sweeter notes and floral accents found only in this region. Unsatisfied with even this painstakingly drawn out process, the mill is experimenting with drying the beans in partial sunlight over a longer period to see if the flavours improve even further.

El Borbollon’s care extends beyond just the bean to the entire region of Santa Ana. They have started a tree nursery to re-introduce the native flora of  El Salvadore to the surrounding farms, both to protect the coffee from the sun and to bring back native birds and insects to the area. The mill is also dedicated to becoming a zero waste company, installing equipment to recycle water and upcycle coffee pulp waste into rich fertilizer that goes back into the coffee groves. Together, El Borbollon and their partner farms are transforming the region into a mecca of fine coffee and have unsurprisingly won countless awards including the prestigious Cup of Excellence (COE). It’s a prime, and unfortunately rare, example where environmentalism, craft and cultural partnerships come together to create an unforgettable product. Enjoy!

Light Roast


Pleasantly strong aromas of ripe apple and lemons are apparent at this roasting level.

Roaster's Choice


We roast this coffee to a toasty medium to bring out the sweet hazelnut cream while preserving the lemon notes.

Dark Roast


Very sweet and hazel-nutty with a creamy finish. Just enough lemon peel is left to keep your espresso perfectly balanced with a refreshing finish.

No pre-Ground beans?

All of our coffees come whole bean. We know it’s inconvenient but once ground, coffee sheds its flavour fast. If you care enough about coffee to get freshly roasted beans, then you owe yourself a good burr grinder.

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Weight 200 g

Roaster's Choice, Light, Dark/Espresso


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