#10 Yunnan Provence, Pu’er
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#10 Yunnan Provence, Pu’er

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Strong dark chocolate, low acidity

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Yunnan Provence, Pu'er

Flavour Profile

Strong Dark Chocolate, Low Acidity

The coffee capital of China, Yunnan produces 98% of the country’s premium coffee. We haven’t visited this region in quite a while because when we cupped last year’s crop it was just terrible. We are happy to announce that this year’s batch is great so we’re bringing it back into our rotation.

Pu’er coffee is grown at an elevation of approximately 1,000 meters, high up on steeped slopes overlooking green fields of tea. Don’t think of this coffee like a light bodied, tea-like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe however. We selected these particular beans because of their fine balance of rich, dark chocolate notes and incredibly low acidity.  If you like your coffee viscous and strong, Pu’er is your cup of tea – so to speak. Supremely excellent for espresso and drip coffee aficionados.

Light Roast

Dark Chocolate

We don’t recommend Yunnan roasted at this level. There isn’t enough fruity acidity to make it interesting. If you still want to give it a try we’ll roast it a tad darker than usual.

Roaster's Choice

Dark Chocolate

 We lean toward the a full-city roast to experience a solid, full-bodied, chocolate coffee.

Dark Roast

Dark Chocolate

A very full-bodied, dark chocolate/caramel brew.

No Pre-Ground Beans?

Unfortunately no. We would love to make your experience as convenient as possible, and while grinding your own beans is firmly in the mildly to very annoying category, we simply can’t do this for you.

The reason being, the second you grind your beans, you expose every nook and cranny to delicious coffee’s nemesis: oxygen. Too much oxygen and your coffee can go stale before you receive it in the post.

As delicious tasting coffee is our most important product we can’t take the risk of sending you a convenient but bland ground beans. Our best advice would be for you to buy a grinder.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

Roaster's Choice, Dark/Espresso


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