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Tasting those flavors on the bag.

What the bag says: “Deep caramel flavours, with lingering notes of lemon peel and cashews” What you think: “This tastes like… coffee” Is there a divide between what you read on the bag and what you’re tasting in your mouth? Probably. Grapes? Those taste grapey. Chocolate cake? Chocolatey. Our expectations of what things should taste […]

Picking Good Coffee Guide

Hey there! I hope this article will help you get better coffee in your cup in a simple, clear way. Basically you should look for three things: Altitude, Processing, Location. Pick high altitude beans. The higher up, the more flavorful the bean. When a coffee plant struggles, it can’t churn out huge quantities of cherries. […]

Specialty Coffee Auctions: The World Cup of Coffee

Soccer fans have the World Cup. Coffee enthusiasts have Specialty Coffee Auctions. For decades, coffee auctions have been a means of showcasing high-quality coffees to buyers from around the world and discovering what the market is willing to pay for them. The Cup of Excellence is the most famous auction, there are also many others […]


Cold Brew Guide

Cold brew coffee has become one of the most popular coffee beverages in recent years, and there are many ways to make it at home. But what’s the best way? We compare our four favorite methods, from the Japanese method to the laziest way we could think of, to find out which one produces the […]

Examples of light, medium, dark roasted coffee.

How to select your perfect roast level.

Different Roasts for Different Tastes Finding your Perfect Brew Coffee beans come in different flavours and varieties, but one of the most significant factors determining its taste is its roasting level. Roasting coffee isn’t simply a part of the processing; it’s about heating them at distinct levels at certin time intervals to elicit an ideal, […]


How to brew coffee: 4 rules to make your perfect cup.

TL:DR 1. Use whole beans 2. Use fresh roast coffee 3. Adjust your grind– French Press? Grind it large– Espresso/Mokka/Aeropress? Grind it fine– Pour Over or Drip? Grind it medium Taste, then adjustLarger = less body and bitternessSmaller = more body, more concentrated 4. Pay attention to the water to coffee ratioStart with the below […]